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In 1991 the Asker Meadows land was gifted by Mr Humphries to Dorset County Council.
Dorset County Council subsequently transferred the site to Bridport Town Council.
Local Nature Reserve status was acquired in 2004.


The Asker Meadows Nature Reserve Project  was formed in 2005 as a means of representing local views and organising volunteer action. The group hold regular meetings and elect officers each year at their annual general meeting.

The group have been closely involved in developing a management plan in collaboration with Bridport Town Council and are instrumental in delivering the actions set out in the plan.     The Management Plan can be found here

The Asker Nature Reserve Project aims: “to transform an unused area of land owned by Bridport Town Council into a shared community space using sustainable practices to both aid access whilst conserving and enhancing the natural ecology, and promoting well-being, education and quiet enjoyment for all sectors of the local community.”


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Sponsors and Supporters of Asker Meadows

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Nature Trail Information can be found here.

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