Asker Nature Reserve

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The Asker Nature Reserve Project aims: “to transform an unused area of land owned by Bridport Town Council into a shared community space using sustainable practices to both aid access whilst conserving and enhancing the natural ecology, and promoting well-being, education and quiet enjoyment for all sectors of the local community.”

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Latest News

Water vole teeth

Water voles dig their burrows with their teeth which are coated with iron hardened enamel. …
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Elm – The only tree that has an asymmetrical leaf base.

4–9cm in length. They are round to oval, toothed with a rough, hairy surface. They…
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There are three different species of buttercups found within Asker Meadows. Ranunculus bulbosus (Bulbous Buttercup), R. acris (Meadow…
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Foxes on the banks of the Asker

foxes running along the bank of the Asker last night during the floods and lashing…
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Two water voles seen together

One water vole is a treat to see, two is just incredible. This gorgeous photo…
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The Asker flood

As the afternoon progressed the level of the Asker rose to heights not seen for…
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Nice weather for fishing

The Asker is in flood but the Egret is having a lovely time fishing along…
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Goosander returns

This morning it was lovely to see a Goosander back on the Asker. It was…
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